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Shelley Daugherty

I am a Library Clerk for Lincoln Junior High School in Lincoln, Illinois. I'm also the Processing Clerk for District 27 schools, preparing books for our six libraries and helping with selection of materials for the schools, which run from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

I read YA books in my spare time as well as for my job (and have almost given up on adult books because they take too long!). I prefer the fantasy genre but also really love ghost stories, which strike a nerve because I've been touched by the ghostly world in my own life: When I was six years old I saw the face of a woman in my bedroom window. I wasn't scared—it gave me a pleasant feeling more than anything else—and years later I recognized the face of the woman in family photos—it was my grandmother, who died when I was about two years old. I never told my parents, but I was grateful that she had looked in on me. Needless to say, I've been fascinated by ghost stories ever since.

Robert Cass

I'm Senior Editor at Popdose.com, where I also write about current events, music, and movies. Though I've never seen a ghost, I was nine years old when I heard something walk up the stairs and into my room; I lay perfectly still in bed as it dropped an object near my feet, but the object wasn't there the next morning. Was it all in my imagination? I'm not sure, but ever since I've been hesitant to say that ghosts aren't "real," not to mention many other things that can't be proven by scientific fact alone.

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