Welcome to a new literary haunt for young adults ...

If you enjoy YA paranormal fiction—in other words, ghost stories for young adults—then you've come to the right place.

Think of this website as a ghost in the machine, so to speak, ready to guide you to some of the most exciting, frightening, and—dare we say it, moving—books about specters and other so-called phantoms that drift in and out of the shadows. Click on any featured title and you'll be transported to WorldCat, the world's largest library catalog, which allows you to locate the library in your area that carries that particular book.

Ghost stories and other tales of the unknown have captivated mankind for centuries. In his introduction to the 1919 anthology The Best Ghost Stories, Arthur B. Reeve wrote, "I am convinced that if we were all quite honest with ourselves, whether we believe in or do not believe in ghosts, at least we are all deeply interested in them. There is in this interest something that makes all the world akin.

"Who does not feel a suppressed start at the creaking of furniture in the dark of night? Who has not felt a shiver of goose flesh, controlled only by an effort of will? Who, in the dark, has not had the feeling of some thing behind him—and, in spite of his conscious reasoning, turned to look?

"If there be any who has not, it may be that to him ghost stories have no fascination. Let him at least, however, be honest."

Click on the subject headings under "Contents" on the right-hand side of any page to see YA titles clustered by theme, including books about teenagers with supernatural gifts, young women who undergo out-of-body experiences as a result of life-altering automobile accidents, and even teen runaways who become "invisible" to society. We've also provided links to featured authors' sites as well as ones that explore paranormal phenomena and allow you to tell your own ghost stories.

We think there's at least a ghost of a chance you'll find some new favorites here.

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